Skyline Clean Energy Fund’s biogas facility in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Skyline Clean Energy Fund Announces Expansion to Lethbridge Biogas Facility

June 22, 2023 Biogas, News, Press Releases

Skyline Clean Energy Fund (SCEF), a Guelph, Ontario-based equity growth fund investing in clean energy assets, has announced a $3+ million expansion to its anaerobic digestion facility in Lethbridge, Alberta.

SCEF is installing a 40,000 tonne per year de-packaging line which will enable the facility to efficiently process residential source separated organics (SSO), including leaf and yard waste, and packaged industrial, commercial & institutional (IC&I) waste. Once complete, the facility will be able to accept an additional 40,000 tonnes of packaged organic wastes/materials annually. This waste will be converted into renewable natural gas (RNG).

“This expansion will allow SCEF’s Lethbridge facility to provide an alternative processing service that offers savings in comparison to other disposal or treatment options in Western Canada,” said Rob Stein, President, Skyline Energy.

“Not only will it provide a meaningful alternative to landfills for waste disposal, but it will also provide the facility with a new source of revenue and create additional value for our unitholders.”

The de-packaging line is modeled after the one used at SCEF’s other biogas facility in Elmira, Ontario, which has been operating successfully for over 10 years. Commissioning of the de-packaging line is expected in Fall 2023, with completion slated for January 2024.

SCEF’s Lethbridge and Elmira biogas facilities have a cumulative capacity of 184,000 tonnes in annual Organic Waste Capacity1 and 224,000 GJ2 in expected RNG production per year, making SCEF one of Canada’s largest producers of biogas.3

  1. Skyline Clean Energy Fund’s total annual Organic Waste Capacity (biogas) figure is expressed in accordance with the Fund’s percentage ownership of the assets.
  2. Gigajoule (GJ) is a metric energy measurement used for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). One GJ of natural gas has the same amount of energy as 27 litres of fuel oil, 39 litres of propane, 26 litres of gasoline or 277 kilowatt hours of electricity. Source:
  3. Based on annual waste processing capacity of 240,000 tonnes between Skyline Clean Energy Fund’s Elmira and Lethbridge facilities.

About Skyline Clean Energy Fund

Skyline Clean Energy Fund (“SCEF”) is a privately owned and managed portfolio of medium to large scale clean energy assets, focused on acquiring income-producing assets across Canada, under long-term government contracts.

SCEF is offered as an alternative investment product through Skyline Wealth Management Inc. (“Skyline Wealth Management”), the exclusive Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) for SCEF.

SCEF is committed to surfacing value to its investors through asset monitoring and optimization, while providing a sustainable investment product based in clean, renewable energy.

To learn more about SCEF and its asset manager, Skyline Energy, please visit

To learn about additional alternative investment products offered through Skyline Wealth Management, please visit

Skyline Clean Energy Fund is operated and managed by Skyline Group of Companies.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Jeff Stirling
Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Communications, Skyline Group of Companies
5 Douglas Street, Suite 301
Guelph, ON N1H 2S8
519.826.0439 x243

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